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Useful Links
The aim of Acas (Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service) is
to improve organisations and working life through better employment
Web: www.acas.gov.uk Tel: 08457 474747
Working Families
Working Families helps children, working parents and carers and
their employers find a better balance between responsibilities at home and work.
Web: www.workingfamilies.org.uk  
A local network for mums by mums with a wealth of information and
advice on being a mum or dad with young children.
Web: www.netmums.com  
Birth Talk
Birth Talk offers a range of private courses and workshops, which promote choice and options for birth and parenthood, all led by practising registered midwives with many years experience of childbirth education.
Web: www.birthtalk.co.uk Tel: 0116 270 2592
Feeding Baby
Denise Pemberton lactation consultant and midwife offers a baby
feeding education and support service, together with bra fitting services and breast pump hire/sale.
Web: www.feedingbaby.co.uk  
Birth Choices
Providing you with access to up-to-date research-based unbiased
information about your pregnancy & birth so you can make the right choices.
Web: www.birthchoices.co.uk  
The Good Birth Company
The Good Birth Company is the manufacturer of of the birth pool in a
box product range: inflatable birthing pools designed with the help of
mothers and midwives. Birth pool in a box is available in personal or
professional versions for use at home or in hospital or birth centre.
Web: www.thegoodbirth.co.uk  
Thirty Something Mums
Statistics show that in the UK alone there are now more first time
mothers in the 30 plus age group than in the 25-29 age group. Additionally there is a 50% increase from ten years ago in the number of women over 40 who are now having babies. This is a new magazine and website with a difference for mums with minis and minors.
Web: www.thirtysomethingmums.com  
Tommy's Charity
UK charity dedicated to maximising health in pregnancy and funding
medical research into the cause of and prevention of miscarriage, premature birth and stillbirth.
Web: www.tommys.org Tel: 0870 0777 3060.
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